Bud Daneker has been working as a pastor since 1982, when he took a part-time job as a youth pastor while he was a junior at Messiah College. He graduated from Messiah in 1983, (BS in Humanities) and the church in which he was working with hired him full-time as their pastor. He attended the Evangelical School of Theology and graduated in 1987 (MDiv).

Pastor Bud Daneker also worked as a house painter and ran his own painting business for several years during college and grad school years, keeping himself and several employees capable of paying tuition.

In a perfect world, I could get a paycheck to hunt, hike, camp and teach the Bible. On days off, I’d continue finding hills to climb on my pedal-powered bike, and lazy country roads with twisty turns for my Honda-powered bike (a 1978 Nighthawk, found in a barn and a box that I got to rebuild).

Donna Daneker and Bud Daneker have been married since June 1982. They have 3 children: Erin, Buddy, and Scott. Donna is actively involved at Horizon Church teaching the preschool class and helping to lead the youth ministry.

He stated he was motivated to help start Horizon Church largely because of his convictions about Christianity and church. These convictions include:

    • God is never out-of-date. The Church should be culturally relevant and needs to address the real needs & issues & questions of contemporary people.
    • The Bible is the word of God for all of life. While it doesn’t have a “Solve-A-Problem” index for every issue we encounter, it provides God’s world view for successful living on this planet.
    • The Church is one of the few organizations that exists primarily for the benefit of those who are not yet participants. Therefore, we ought to be passionate about, and organized to extend ourselves to impact the world around us. It’s not about us.
    • Churches need to be led by people of integrity and authenticity. Leaders can never hide the real life they are living.
    • Church life & ministry is accomplished by people willing to work on teams. Christians can’t function as Lone Rangers. We’re a body, each contributing to the life of the church and to the lives of each other.
    • Grace defines all of our relationships.
    • God is after life-transformation. Every living person is on a journey and God’s intervention in that journey doesn’t provide just a once-and-done rest stop, but a road map for the rest of the trip. Church life is intended to foster that life transformation. We should be willing to make our church a safe place for those wanting to investigate the claims of Christianity and a refuge for those learning to live the faith.

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